so yea, wtf is up with the notes in the red circles. theyre tiny, and aren't even connected to the other notes, are they supposed to be there?

its the newest Orion tab
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Grace note

On the bottom of the task bar, look for "grace note"


Yes, poop.
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They are supposed to be there. They are play very quickly. You can add one to any note by hitting the button on the lower tool bar which looks like a note with a line through it. It's not a glitch.

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Is that what he says?
yeah, it's a really tiny pickup note, a neat device to enhance phrasing, so you can indicate when you quickly slide or hammer into the note. Works great for example in blues to go from minor to major third.
Without that gracenote-function, you'd always have to put a little 32th note etc. in front of it manually.