So I really want to use the tones in Guitar Rig to record into Mixcraft over my MIDI drums and bass so I can start making some good songs with tones other than whats coming from my amp.

I am very confused on what to do, and after messing around with the settings on both programs for like half hour I managed to;

Open Guitar Rig pick a tone

Record the feed through mixcraft

The only problem is when I play the feed its clean (i think the term for this is dry?) So im hearing the tone in real time but its recording a clean guitar. I go to the fx panel and under the guitar rig section I pick the tone from the presets, but it doesnt change the clean guitar recording at all.

Id appreciate some help I am very confused here.

Thanks in advance.

Soundcard = M-Audio Fast Track
I know how to do it although I'm having problems executing this with a pirated version and no interface, but you go into Mixcraft and edit the effects for the track you plan to record to and under VST you should see an option for guitar rig select it and then change the setting to whichever preset or custom effect you want to use.