Hey, I was wondering how people make up tapping riffs, like what scales they use, and sweep riffs. I know the Pentatonic minor scale in A, should i learn the full thing for it?
Also what are some more scales i should learn , thanks.
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Yeah learn the whole A pentatonic scale you'll know it in less then 5 minutes.
You should also learn the A Harmonic Minor and D minor scales
You should learn how to move the pentatonic to any key, and not just the first postion. Really you shouldn't learn them as boxes but just about everyone does (I did)...Tapping parts can be in any scale really...I would suggest learning the pentatonic scale fully, move onto the major scale, then the three minor scales. There are great lessons on this site that can teach you all of those things! Good luck brother!


oh and using musictheory.net really helped me with learning the notes on the fretboard using the guitar trainer, and with teaching me the major and minor scales.
if you learn the major scale over the entire neck, its easy to visualize all of notes on 1 string, which is good for tapping runs.

i recommend you learn all of the shapes of the modes of the major scale, and just play them in order ascending the neck(starting with E phyrgian, then F lydian, G mixolydian, etc). if you do this, you can use it for improvising so many things, including but not limited tapping runs and sweep shapes.

the best part is you will always be in the same key, and you can change the feel of what you are playing by what chords the rest of your song has in it; C major/ionian is the same notes as A minor/aeolian is the same as E phrygian is the same as etc.

this is something i figured out myself, so it may not be completely true, but to the best of my knowledge it is.

edit:if you want to PM me i could send you a tab of the modes in the right order + position with an explanation (or my best attempt at one anyways).
Learn all the shapes of the A minor pentatonic. Move the key to Bb(A#) and then play all the shapes on that. Make this a daily routine and get the sound of the pentatonic in your head.

And get backing tracks(they're available on the net or you can make them if you have GP or any other similar software) and play over that track using all the shapes moving around the neck. This will help you visualize the notes and will train your ear to anticipate which note will come next.

And like someone said before, learn the scale on one string and then make a tapping lick from that. It's really not that difficult, just stick to the scale for now and don't add too many passing or outside notes.

And definately learn the major scale after this. Once you've got all the 7 shapes of the major scale down, you pretty much have all of it's modes down.
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You should also learn the A Harmonic Minor and D minor scales

That's...strangely specific.

TS: The only thing you need to be worrying about right now is learning the major scale all over the neck, in every key, as well as the theory behind it.
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