We host Thanksgiving at our house every year. My cousin (who plays drums) came down from up north this year also. He had never seen my studio/garage and one thing led to another and we started jamming a little. This year I talked my brother into singing a few songs. Of course he picked songs that I and my cousin havent played in ages. This one (Whole Lot Of Rosie) came out pretty good. The song isnt exactly the same as ACDC's. We played it from what we remembered (which is not correct). But anyway at the end of the song it is so funny what my sister says. Make sure you listen to the end, its priceless. http://www.soundclick.com/util/getplayer.m3u?id=7101619&q=hi
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Good sound quality. Haha, the vocalist is sub-par, I'm sorry Good stuff though Hahaha..

I know. That makes the whole thing great !!!
The voice made me lol! Good guitar tho

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it wasn't 7 days, it was 5.

and you call yourself the son of catholics

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I would keep it on my mantel piece and tell my grandchildren about the day I tried to overthrow the human race with my race of tree-men.
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The voice made me lol! Good guitar tho

Thanks. I tried to dial in that ACDC tone. Kind of hard when I dont have an SG.