Ok, so there are so manny choises for a guitar in this price range, its really harde to decide what I want with no good guitar store within 100 miles. My budget is a max of $1600. And ples dont ask what my amp is, im happy with it, it sounds good, and i dont need a new one

So heres what I want:
-25.5 scale
- Agressive active pickups(ex: EMG, Blackouts ect...)
-Independent volume controle(one dial for each pickup)
-24 frets
-Has to look good

Heres what I don't want:
-Floyd Rose tremolo
-Passive Pickups
-Something not worth every pennny(Dean Razorbacks(because of Dimmebag Darrel))

Thanks to all who reply!
sorry everyone, I Went back on my browser to correct somethng, but it alredy made another one, so just disregard this thread, and everyone can get on with there lives
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