so... my plucking arm gets pretty tired fast, and I was wondering, what can I do to increase my arm strength for plucking? its not my fingers that get tired, but the muscles in the lower part of my arm between the wrist and elbow

so yea, suggestions plz

and yes I do pushups and ****
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There's nothing better than playing through the pain. Sure it hurts and could possibly cause major complications but who cares? But seriously, just play until you can't any longer. You'll eventually build up some crazy forearm muscles and it's okay if you don't get anywhere at first. I still have problems when playing high tempos for more than a couple hours.
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Me and my band have been playing together since June, and I (and the others as well) wouldn't last an hour before taking a break.

Now, we can go for hours and not feel a thing.

Basically, I'm suggesting building stamina by playing more and more, and pushing through the pain.
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at first i couldnt finish higher ground, but now i can finish it a thousand times through, i dotn really get tired, play til u cant paly no more, rest for as long as u need, maybe over night, then do it all over. slowly by slowly you'll get better, adn be able to play longer, faster, junk of such
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dude just scribble for mass hours randomly, it helps, or if you want to get more pleasure out of it, masterbate A LOT.
Just so you know, TS, the tendons connected to your fingers run the length of your arm....they go through a tunnel-like structure in your wrist. That's usually what starts hurting.
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Also, relax when you're playing. If you are tense, you will get tired faster, in my experience.

Also, do this . Serious hand strength training.

But really, practice, and relax.
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Just practice man, if you play through the pain a bit then you will eventually get better, that's the theory behind developing muscles when you play sports and it should pretty much carry over.
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Also, relax when you're playing. If you are tense, you will get tired faster, in my experience.

....is the correct answer...
I grip a pull up bar and hold myself there hanging for as long as I can a few times a day, I don't really have any proof on if this actually does anything but I've been doing it for about two months now and I can go maybe two and a half hours without feeling any noticeable bit of exhaustion in my arms.

Pretty cool, but maybe its just how much I practice that's doing it.
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There's a simple thing at my school gym that might help you a bit.

Take a section of PVC pipe (about 1 foot long by 2 inches thick) drill a hole in it, tie one end of a length of nylon rope (about 3 feet) to the pipe by that hole, tie the other end to a 5 lb weight. Then, to exercise, roll the pipe by bending your wrist forward until the rope wraps all the way around and you've lifted the weight all the way up.

Or, just play more.
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Wrist curls?

Also the guy above me has a good idea, I did that in baseball.
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