I have been trying to come up with some more Creative riffs to add and complete a solo i have been working on for maybe a couple weeks.

The crude recording is in my Mp3's, I could use some suggestions on some influence and or Techniques i could add to liven it up a bit.
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I think it sounds, but it seems to need some sort of resolution between stops or maybe like some 4 note phrases between speeding through scales. I dont know it would sound totally different if it wasnt by itself. Dont take nothing I say to heart because I havent even composed 1 solo myself.
Solos not bad, i would suggest when you stop the runs use a little vibrato and sustain the note. It sounds plain there. Also dont be afraid to put a lil soul in it. Hit the same note a few times kind of like Brian May in Killer Queen, just bend the heck out of it.
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if your emotions could be a note or a series of notes, which one(s) would it be?
Thanks to DeadIdentity81, for giving me some more influence to help me with my solo Writing.