I just started guitar and I used to play bass. Im starting to just learn chords and I wana know whats the difference between major chords and minor chords? I can play pretty well like enter sandman solo but im just struggling on learning chords. Can anyone help or give tips please! thankyou
A major triad consists of a root, major third and perfect fifth. A minor triad consists of a root, minor third and perfect fifth. For example, a C major triad is C E G and a C minor triad is C Eb G. If this doesn't make sense to you, check out some beginners' lessons on general theory and intervals.
To me it seems that Majors are happier and brighter and Minors are sadder and darker. I don't need to know anything else. I just need to know how to play them.
The only differance between Major and Minor is that Minor has a flatted third. So all you do is basically play your 3rd one fret down.