Ok, I searched the forums endlessly. Nothing.
And I figured this would be the best place to yield the best results.

So I was thinking of making a group or thread (I'm leaning towards a thread) where UG users can post up what vehicles they own and drive.
And I would call it the UG Garage.
So...in or out?

And please correct me if I'm in the wrong spot.
And if it does take off and it is a thread, could a mod please sticky it...pleeeeeeease?
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And if it does take off and it is a thread, could a mod please sticky it...pleeeeeeease?

Don't get your hopes up.
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How did you search, because I'm positive I've seen a thread or two about this. Long running threads at that.
There's a huge car thread.

Also, why do you care if it gets stickied? I never understood that.
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