Hey man, not a bad piece here. Ill break it down by sections.

Intro: Not bad, sets the mood and pace well. Im not too sure about the part where the instruments drop and just the drums play for 5 bars or so. I think just jumpin right into the verse wouldve sufficed. I can see what u were doin tho, seein as the verse riff is the same as the intro.

Verse 1: I really liked the riff at bar 46. Kinda like a classic rock feel to it and kinda saves me from enduring the "metal drop d effect" (even tho youre not even in dropped tuning, but you know what i mean).

Chorus 1: Nothin really wowed me here. Maybe some more lead lines would beef it up and liven the experience.

Verse 2: I like the trem picking, even tho it gets redundant pretty quickly. still sounded good and no complaints with this verse.

Lead Break: Haha there we go, the first sightings of some metal scales. Cool runs through here, i like how you switched up lead duties here. Cool concept, cool music, good job. I even liked the chromatics at the end of this section, good segue into the next chorus.

Chorus 2: Pretty much the same as chorus 1, not bad.

Rhythm break: This part kinda confused me, i can see if there were vocals how this would work, but i was wondering to myself when this part up; wheres the rest of the music? lol.

Verse 3: I like how you changed up the lead parts a little bit, it was a pleasant surprise and kept the piece interesting. At bar 112, i liked the dissonant chords, but ive never seen those voicings before...can you play those chords; like the Cm, Dm, and Em that are up the neck a bit. Just kinda weird. Great use of odd-time sigs tho.

The "Weee" part: Meh, didnt like this part. Didnt have a very good flow to it. It didnt even sound like metal in my opinion. Add some chunky chords and clean up the leads for a better, crisper sounding melody. Good idea with this tho.

Chorus 3: Same as others.

Overall, this piece didnt really wow me in any spots, per se. I wouldve liked to have a seen a solo in here..the staple of metal songs. It was well written and composed but pretty cliche all around. Good work tho!

Ill give this one an 8/10.

check mine out if youre goin C4C. id appreciate it!
Yarp! Ew..DNA... <-- Newest piece, pretty experimental..cool drums, solo, and time changes.
Red Eye Reverie <-- Pretty heavy piece, 2 solos, fun one to write.
Candid Camera <-- My most straight forward heavy rock song. AWESOME solo on this one.
The choice is yours! Thanks in advance! Also, id prefer if you looked at more than one of those..ill gladly go c4c on another if you do. They're all really good and the solos are great in all of them. Do whatever tho
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