No longer need this amp as got a triple-recto half stack, just replaced tubes w/ruby tubes, amazing tones for cleans, blues, rock, and of course metal, near mint condition, gets very loud but maintains tonal clarity, awesome piece of gear for gigging, recording and band practice but not a bedroom amp. Questions, pictures and serious buyers e-mail me at luke200420@yahoo.com

50 Watts, Class A/B Power / 2x6L6, 5x12AX7
Bias Select Switch (6L6/EL34)
Fixed Bias for Consistent, Maintenance Free Performance
2 Channels, 5 Modes (Channel 1=Clean or Pushed, Channel 2=Raw, Vintage High Gain or Modern High Gain)
Independent Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Presence, Reverb and Master Controls per Channel
Spring Reverb
Output Level Control (over all channels)
Footswitchable Solo Level Control - Patent 6,724,897
Parallel FX Loop w/Mix Control
Slave Out
3 Button Footswitch (Channel, Solo & Reverb)
Slip Cover
baddassssss deal for a rectoverb, somebody buy this already!!!!
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FFFDFEFRFKFFF,jeremylp,atreyurock9, noahfor, Vangkm, Used666, and sgtshak- great sellers/traders!!
Quote by fuzzyDXMG
baddassssss deal for a rectoverb, somebody buy this already!!!!

Not yet......
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