Something i came up with during a 1am stint of writing like how all my writing sessions go and while listening to a playlist of The Maine "Everything i ask for"
and Thursday "As He Climbed The Dark Mountain” haha. just wanted to see what ya guys think.

A loving state of authority
Where bonds break and cease
Exploring a false sense of security
Intelligence, pride instinct
Life is just one big swing
Floored by how things got turned upside down

Wealth is a state of being
The state of living free
Is behind us foreignly
A loss in the stocking of shelves
A place of self pity, of groveling
Market Street is burning the green
Into red paper trees
As the people hang signs of self worth
Of selling of materials, of Souls, of SELF

This is where we all sway
From beginning to end
This is where we believe

Fathers drunken to a stupor
Sons run away from home
Holy hell is lifting
Spirits that have dawned on us

ps.-sadly wrote this to go along with the Maine's "everything i ask for" song cause i have a awful time writing songs and not poems lol.
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