Ok, I am buying a pair of EMG's tonight while I still get a deal.

I am SET on an EMG 81 for the bridge.

However, I am undecided on the neck. EMG 60 or EMG 85?

Both are touted as good for rhythm, which is what I am looking for for my neck pickup. What is the difference?
The neck is also the pickup I would use for playing other types of music besides Rock/metal. I'm looking for versatility, but also a good heavy rhythm.
everybody goes crazy for the 81/85
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60 for clean tones

I have an 81/89 setup in my explorer and I love it.
I use the 89 for solo-y stuff

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The 60 would be a bit more versitile but the 85 is great.

I know that Hetfield uses the 60. I do like the versatility of the 60, but what does the 85 offer that the 60 doesn't?
The 85 is higher output then the 60, but it doesn't handle cleans very well. If you intend on never playing clean with the neck pickup, go for the 85, but if you don't the 60 would be the best bet, or perhaps the 89, which is two EMG-SAs wired in series in humbucker form, that also handles cleans very well, and has the high output of the 85, so when distorted is heavier than the 60.
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The 85 has Alnico magnet, the 60 ceramic. They are both good for what you want, the 60 is a bit brighter and good for rythm too.
Also, my guitar has a Humucker-single-humbucker configuration, but I am planning on just replacing the humbuckers and disconnecting the single. Does this complicate matters for installation?
Forget the 81 in the bridge, it is shrill. Put an 85 in the bridge for thicker, crushing tone.
I really dislike the 85/89 in the neck position on guitars, especially mahogony guitars. For some reason, it's really bass heavy and slightly louder than the 81 in my Hellraiser. And yes, their heights have been adjusted. The 60 is much better if you're going for EMGs. Wonderful sound for any genre.