I'm thinking of revamping my rig completely and making a Cream-era Clatpon rig. Here is the plan:

Gibson Les Paul/SG '62 Historic
Gibson Les Paul '60 Historic

Marshall 1962 Bluesbreaker Reissue

Vox V847 (modified to TB)

Ernie Ball Regular Slinky

I have no idea.

Whatever I feel like.

Anyway, yes, this would be a quite expensive rig, but I'm thinking of going for the amp first, then getting one of the guitars, and going from there. I really don't like using effects, so the wah pedal would be about the last thing I'd get, mainly just for fun and to play songs like "White Room."

Comments? Are there any parts that should be added/changed? Am I crazy?

This would take some time to fund, but really, my style revolves around Clapton's Cream-era playing.
Sounds like an amazing idea.
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Sounds like an amazing idea.
That's what I thought.

After I buy the Bluesbreaker, do you think I should get the Les Paul first or the SG?
I don't think you should get a reissue Bluesbreaker - it probably won't get you close enough to the tone you want. Maybe look into a Bluesbreaker clone from Metropoulos, Ceriatone or one of those guys.
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