Me and my band, Spread the Ashes, have just recorded a new 3 track demo.
and we are happy as hell with it.
i wanna share it with as many people as possible.
here is the link to our myspace.


check it out.
if you like them, add us!
if you hate them, add us anyway!
I enjoy your music. Your vocalist is kinda...meh. Im not saying he's bad, but he could definately improve pronounciating and making his scream a bit more powerful. It could be the mix though.

But badass, nonetheless
Quote by BlinK-Kid182
well..i happen to like all of it. including the vocals.

ps. i heard a pig squeal, do you do it exhale? cuz i cant figure out how to do it that way for ****. whatever. your music is good. the end.

thanks man
the pig squeal... no idea. id have to ask the singer and get back to you
Really like it musically... but not too keen on the vocals, but that's my personal taste, he is good at it however

Keep up the good work dude