ok i was wondering if it would be better to get an epiphone g-400 and put emg's in later or get a epiphone prophecy custom sg which already has emg's in it. please dont post comments like "neither" or "they both suck" because im just a beginning guitarist and want a cheaper instrument
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i vote prophecy it already has emg's and i dont know what they exactly do but supposed to get better clean
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well if you're just a beginning guitarist then you don't need to be worried about a new instrument atm. be worried about advancing yourself enough until your instrument is absolutely the only thing holding you back before you decide to switch.
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I'd get the Prophecy, saves you the hassle of installing them.
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The Prophecy also has 24 frets and an awesome finish.

Personally I'd get the Prophecy if I had the monies.
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I'd go with the Prophecy. It has better specs too, like ebony fretboard, 24 frets, satin neck, etc.
make sure you really want emgs before you get it...
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The prophecy is an incredible guitar. I played one and fell in love with it. The EMGs are even good clean, I was simply amazed by it. The neck is extremely comfortable and the build is very solid feeling. It can obviously also scream.

It's not really a "budget" guitar, seeing how it's 800 USD, but it's worth the money. I would have gotten one if I had the change, and I don't even play metal (which is steryotypical for emgs)

although without a tube amp, emg's aren't going to be living up to their full potential.
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I don't know about the Prophecy SG, but the Prophecy Les Paul I played had a thinner neck (shredder thin, actually) compared to the normal Epi neck. What I just said should be taken with a grain of salt though since the (normal) SG neck is thinner than the (normal) LP neck...
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