I converted a couple of videos from .avi to .mp4 because I wanted to add them into my iPod. I did this using the Jodix free iPod Video Converter. The problem is, the videos are now upside down (the source files are the right way up)

So I tried downloading the 'Free Video Flip and Rotate' to flip it upside down, but it can't process .mp4 files.

So I was wondering if you guys know any free programs that I can use to flip/rotate my .mp4 files.
there must be some setting that is flipping the source before it's converted...
you could probably do it in Windows Movie Maker
I dont know if it will export as mp4 but you can probably export an uncompressed ile from WMM then use the second program to get it to a format for your player.
That's interesting. I would think image rotation would be a basic feature of any video editor.