I haven't been on here in a while, and can't remember my old login, had to make a new accound :S

Anyways... I am currently in the market for a new amp. My main needs for it are for metal, with some decent clean tones. Preferably, tube. I have looked at the 6505+, and, I might end up getting it, but, I would like some other suggestions apposed to it. My EC1000 has the stock 81/60 Pups, in case anyone is interested. I'm looking to spend around $800-1200, preferably, a new amp.. I kind of have a thing against used amps. My budget is flexible.

I'm looking for a tone somewhere between Sentenced and Norther.. That can still handle some classic Iron Maiden.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Thank you.
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the 6505+ is perfect.
Trust me, ecspecially with EMGs.
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the 6262 owns it
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I'll probably try out the 6262, and some of the B-52s to compare, thanks for the suggestions.