Go there, and just wait. It takes a while to get into the actual song.

I've never been a huge fan of these guys but I know alot of people go crazy for them. This song actually sounds pretty good to me and real Glassjaw fans seem to like it.
That was pretty awesome, can't wait for the new stuff. Seriously why do these guys always have to trick you instead of letting you listen to their music. Their always putting up drum loops and stupid stuff on their myspace. When the track actually started it scared the crap out of me.
real good. love this band
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anyone else think it sounds a little deftones in places?

what parts?
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^ true

i quite like it, i dont even mind deftones to be honest. i just thought parts of it showed similarities. im not listening to it now but i think the main riff and particularly one but later on if i remember rightly. quite near the end. i cant be bothered to listen again just to make vague connections.
This song has actually been out for a while, this is just the first studio recording of it. There are vids on youtube of them playing it along with one or two other new songs. Too bad their drummer and bassist are in saves the day now.