Alright, so I'm starting to do some research regaring my next guitar, which will be a Les Paul shape. As I have two strats and I could use something with humbuckers. I've tried 3 brands of Les Pauls; Epiphone, Gibson (kinda), and LTD. The reason with the kinda with the Gibson is because the only LP Gibby I will be able to afford will be the Vintage Maho LPs.

So the breakdown:

Epiphone Les Paul Custom:
LTD EC-1000 Deluxe Amber Sunburst (Not EMGs, instead Duncan pickups)
Gibson Vintage Mahogany Les Paul

Out of all of these I've liked the LTD far better, but maybe I've played only bad Epi/Gibson LPs? LTD is no ESP, but the LTD blew the Epi and Gibson out of the water in quality.

So, question is are there any other good LP design guitars (preferably without EMGs) under $950 that you would recommend that I try out? OR, do you think I should pull the trigger on the LTD when funds allow me so.

Thanks UG.
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Michael Kelly!!!

this, try one out first tho
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LTD, Gibson makes the best Les Paul's, but the lower ones kinda blow. The only downside of the LTD is that freakin Abalone.
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Hagstrom and Hamer are both worth checking out.

I saw a Hagstrom yetserday, WOW. Pretty sweet.
If you like the LTD, then by all means buy it. They are great guitars and definitely worth the money.

If you still want to look around for other guitars, I would say check out the Hagstrom Ultra Swede. It's very similar to the ESP/LTD but a bit more tame looking and has a wider neck.
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To take the Hagstrom suggestion one step further, try the Ultralux Ultra Swede. LP body style, but a little smaller and the necks in the Ultralux series are the thinnest on the planet... by far the easiest playing guitar I've ever owned. Plus the toggle switch is in a good position since tapping with a LP can be awkward at times. It also has a coil tap switch if you really have to have a single coil sound. I put the Duncan JB/Jazz pickup set in mine and it's my #1 go to guitar right now, even over my '87 Ibanez 540 R which I thought at the time had the thinnest neck ever.

Hags have a good price range, too.
i was lurking around the reviews section earlier today...and i read the one of the Agile Al-3500 Prestige. which (acording to the reviewers) it's an almost exact replica of a LP Standard...and it's just $500ish. check it out...
There are Hagstroms which I've heard good things about. From the one Hagstrom I've played, it was really quite nice. There's also the Michael Kelly Patriot series, the Agile AL series (though you really can't play before you buy since you can only buy them online), and there's also the Ibanez ART series. I think it's the ART, not too sure, but from what I've seen and heard, they are quite great too.
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If you hurry you can still get a Elitist 57' Gold Top Les Paul for what you wantr to spend or very close! They are no longer produced thoough and when existing stock runs out there'll be no more available new.
Moving on.....
Get an ESP/LTD and be happy. I played on an EC-500 yesterday and was quite impressed. I can only imagine what the EC-1000 or the real Ecplises are like. In any case, LTD's "Les Pauls" are pretty much a Gibson but with EMGs, a little less weight and carved back for player comfort.

Also, Gibson tend to be somewhat unconsistent with quality. At least on their low to midrange models. Therefore, I don't care much for Gibson these days.
Ok, thanks for the input guys, I really appreciate it. Right now, I'm looking at the EC-500. Is the only difference is that the 500 doesn't have all the abalone binding? Because I saw the 500 today (didn't get a chance to play it) and without all the abalone, the guitar actually looked better.

So, with the 500 being nearly $200 less than the 1000, I'm thinking get the 500 and switch pups to some Duncans.
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im selling my les paul dirt cheap(sig)check it out


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i was lurking around the reviews section earlier today...and i read the one of the Agile Al-3500 Prestige. which (acording to the reviewers) it's an almost exact replica of a LP Standard...and it's just $500ish. check it out...

This, if you can find it. If not, Al-3000/3100s are supposed to be good, I am getting one soon .

^Scroll down to find them.
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