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July's Predator
2 29%
5 71%
Voters: 7.
good luck to both competitors.

July's Predator

One day you will become a woman
unmistakable by design,
moulded within the pillars of divinity-
all forming but one. Secret of the secrets;
the sapphire pavements of the wine rooms
are motionless to some degree.
You are merely caged beneath the orchard’s dew
within morality and immortality. But
do you dare stare at the broken column,
can you trail without a murmur?
Clay? The colourless wheels of satiety
between being and nakedness,
scattered. And it stoned me.


I was eighteen the first time I held
a sheep’s brain in my hands-

It was six years old and heavier than I expected,
dense tissue clinging to itself,
wet pia-mater a soft shell of last resort;
and I was stupidly surprised
at how warm it was.

A week after the dissection
my girl called with the intent to discuss
what we should eat for thanksgiving;
I stood naked in my dorm room
talking, tracing the film of skin over my bones,
every curve and valley;
I met my own eyes, lowered them, then smiled.

Turkey, Stuffing with egg and cranberry, chunky mash potatoes,
a bottle of 2006 Merlot she had found in her roommates closet,
friends, the finest flatware our college hands could find,
and as much store bought pumpkin pie as we could afford.

Years later I might be haunted by her face,
by the kisses I could have stole over the dining room table
while our bellies were so heavy and fragile.

Stepping from the doorway
I held my arms like Jesus rolling away the stone;
the rubber gloves tucked safe in the waste bin.
The crystals of midday frost clung hard to my nose
and I was stupidly surprised
at how hot and humble my heart felt in my skin.
Last edited by #1 synth at Nov 29, 2008,
morality and immortality is such an awesome line. omg.

I think I have to go with red, but green is a wonderful piece and they both deserve to win.