so i have around 5 months playing guitar, instead of learning scales or exercises when i just started i practiced easy songs and i dont seem to make any progress, i had practiced guitar before getting serious so i think i should be way better by now than what i am if i had practiced other stuff.

So how would you start practicing, which exercises, scales and stuff would help me at this point?

and should i start learning some music theory right now or should i learn how to play first?
start with the basics man, learn the mechanics. find songs you like and try to learn them, then when you're comfortable with mechanics, learn some theory.
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I would recommend learning the major scale, minor pentatonic, natural minor, and melodic minor ascending and descending. You'll find out these patterns are movable shapes, so once you know a pattern and the way it sounds you can figure it out in any key (like going from G major to A major by moving the pattern up two frets). Basic chords, C A G E and D and actually playing them correctly (holding the neck correctly, I failed at this and it's just another habit to break to get it right after a year of playing) should be one thing to learn.

You can always check out the internet for random things to learn too. I've figured out a lot of things from lessons here at UG, but within the past 3 months I've found http://justinguitar.com/index.php and http://www.all-guitar-chords.com/index.php which both have great lessons and tools, so just have fun and try to get the most out of your time that you have.
The best thing to do is to learn basic technique like others have been saying (major, minor, pentatonic scales, arpeggios) and balance that with figuring out songs you like from recordings by ear. (NOT TAB-- BY EAR!!) A balance between these two approaches will keep playing fun, challenging, interesting, and keep you moving forward. Start simple, take your time, enjoy what you're doing, and watch yourself progress.
thanks for the advise, i will start learning the pentatonics and chords