I know this isn't much to go on. But this has been bugging the hell out of me and noone I know knows what I am talking about. Around 1999 I remember seeing a video on MTV2 that had a really pale guy with black chin length hair. In the video the band would change costumes while walking through rooms. The video ended with the lead singer swinging by his feet and screaming which makes me wonder if it was screamo? If you can help at all that would be great it has been giving me a headache trying to remember who they were.
it's a heavy rock act from the scandinavia region, the video is them running thru something like a factory in monster masks and jump suits, towards a large circular space where their instruments are set up, they take off the costumes and are dressed in geek-chic before rocking out some more.
any help would be great
Screaming doesn't make it screamo, MTV has never and will never play screamo.

And yeah like the guy above me said, it's definitely Refused-New Noise. Great band by the way.
yeah, not screamo, and i fucking adore the band and the song, but that video is fucked.