I went out to try and find a humbucking guitar today, I went to a chain store, and a couple local stores as well.

When I got to L&M I was trying out the Gibson LP's. I tried a Custom Shop VOS Les Paul Jr, a few 2008 Standards and 2 Les Paul Traditional's. I have to say I wasn't very impressed by any except for the VOS LP Jr, and even then I didn't even think it was worth the 2,000 dollar price tag. They were pretty normal feeling guitars, not anywhere their price tags though.

After that I went to some local shops and played a few Michael Kelly Patriots and Sparrow Rat Rods, and I was amazed at how they sounded compared to the Gibson's. The Michael Kelly's sounded great, truly amazing for the price; they could be selling for three times the price. After that I played three custom painted guitars from a local guitar manufacturer (Sparrow) and I was equally pleased. The quality of both these guitars were immaculate. I favored the Sparrow a little more because of the Bigsby and it seemed a little more chunkier and throaty.

So all in all, I'm pretty disappointed in Gibson as of now. I always used to think of them as best of the best, but now I guess that's because they are riding on their previous success and marketing.

I used a VOX AC30 when comparing.
Yeah, Gibson's quality control is going down the tubes. If you want a REALLY good one you'll have to do alot of searching and/or will have to be willing to buy used.
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dude, I've wanted to try out a sparrow rat rod for a long time man, they look like damn good guitars, one of my favourite bands uses the rat rod

They do custom orders on their website, I just was checking it out. They get parts from Korea and then they assemble it here in Vancouver and paint etc. Everyone I've picked up feels solid.
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Yea but I really dunno if I wanna buy a guitar online that I've never played before

Oh dang, you live on the other side in Montreal.... I just found a dealer for you, I have no idea if it's anywhere near you, Montreal is rather big after all.

Steves Music
51 St-Antoine St. W
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Yah, that's like the biggest guitar store in montreal, but I called up a few times asking for one and they didn't have any.

Maybe they can order one for you? Most places will do that if you're a serious buyer.