I'm looking for a song that I can record myself playing. Something with clean tone on electric or acoustic. It needs to be an instrumental with something somewhat challenging but not like Leo Kotke or Andy McKee difficulty... I want to record it and see if its any good and possibly put it online or something. Also could it be something that is fairly easy to find tabs for, learning by ear for me takes a loong time.

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well it all depends on what ur recording on, what software, and how many tracks ur planning on using but here's some suggestions:
nothing else matters-metallica
the call of ktulu-metallica
guaranteed-eddie vedder
or you could cover the song on my acount page, i'll email you the tabs (:
if you don't have any software you could download AUDACITY for FREE
from the inter-webs, just google it and get if from sourceforge.
I don't want to do any fancy recording stuff. Just one track I think. What is Audacity though?

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its free recording software that you can get online, its actually distributed as legal free-ware. the actual app is less than 20 mb so it won't pwn your computers memory. you can record as many tracks as you want, plus add efects like wah and so forth. you can export the tracks in mp3 format if you download the LAME which is right there on audacity.sourceforge.net too. its actually really cool and easy to use.