....a friend of mine wants to make a sword out of wood,lol i know,i know...he fails.Hard. how should i go about doing this? because im planning to shoot his ass when noone'sa' 'lookin' how do i shot gun????
I shoot semen when I get a woody... does that help?
grok it.


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how do i shot gun????

Firmly shove the barrel into your mouth and pull the trigger. It's very similar to the way you'd regularly swallow shots.
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Ahhh damn you vinc3nt!

Downpressor man

Where you gonna run to

All along that day

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Firmly shove the barrel into your mouth,and pull the foreskin right back. It's very similar to the way i regularly swallow my great grandfathers shots while im on my knees and his asleep in his armchair.

lol que?
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lol que?

murder yourself... that is what he was trying to say, murder yourself
grok it.


Listen to jazz, it's good for you...
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Quoting yourself is cool.

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aww man, i can't make any runescape jokes in this one.

btw, use maple (not spam)

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Maybe turn 12 first.


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You could make a rubber band gun.

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