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Musicman Humbucker
22 34%
Vintage Style P
7 11%
Vintage Style J's
10 15%
Hot P's (qtr pounder type)
2 3%
Hot J's
8 12%
2 3%
Active Soapbars
6 9%
Passive Soapbars (Thunderbirds)
0 0%
Gibson humbuckers
2 3%
6 9%
Voters: 65.
I'm just curious what everyone's favorite bass pickup/combo is and why.

Personally, I say the Vintage P's, I find them to be EXTREMELY versatile. You EQ right, and you can get just about any sound out of those you could ever want.
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I like passive modern J's, though it may just be because I'm accustomed to them. I like the tone from them...modern, but growly...assuming it's in the proper position of course. The ones with two coils are best IMO. Favorite combo is P/J-bucker.

I usually use the bridge pup.
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My tone is favouring the neck pickup of an active (noiseless) Jazz style bass.
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my tone is favoring an active jazz, but I will switch pickups between songs if I have more than one to be honest...

music man humbucker is favorite one on the list however.
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my favourite tone is from active soapbars. but i love the response of a hot MM pickup :P
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Any bridge pickup jazz, as long as it's noiseless.

when i havfe my bridge on full and neck fully off, I get noise.
Why is that, and how can I change it?
active soapbar + big fat active 'bucker at the bridge,

blend knob set at 70% soapbar 30% humbucker
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I like and use active Jazz-style pickups, but the pickups on a MusicMan would give me exactly the kind of fat growly bass sound I want.
vintage j's all the way
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My ATK with a neck J and a bridge MM style humbucker is my favourite...how do I vote?
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when i havfe my bridge on full and neck fully off, I get noise.
Why is that, and how can I change it?

That's 60Hz hum inherent in a soloed single coil. When you mix the pickups, because they are reverse-wound and reverse-polarity (RWRP), they functionally act like a humbucker because the noise from one cancels that of the other. When it's one or the other, they don't.

Certain brands, for example DiMarzio, make J pickups that are two coils side by side (covering two strings each) and so cancel the hum regardless of pickup blending. The only drawback of these kinds of designs is that they sound slightly different.

J pickups rule!
i like the atk triple coil pickups but since they arent on the list i said vintage p's cause they are probably my secong favoutite type
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You've missed out a few types of pickup, which are probably my favourite

The Wal style humbucker is probably my favourite from a sound. From a design point of view, DarkStars have an interesting design, but I dislike the tone.
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they might be poorly designed or impractical or outdated, frankly I don't know/care. But the pickups on a rickenbacker are sound beautiful to my ears.
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I bought my Ibanez SRX instead of the SR because of their MM-style humbuckers.
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