ok now no one bash on me if i say something stupid haha!


idk my band is having trouble with like the "lead guitar" we have pretty good rythem for the rythem guitarest.. but i dont understand how do you created lead guitar parts like in avenged sevenfold for for example bullet for my valentine..

i dont understand.. lol is there a certain way to find this out?

sorry if its obvious.. i dont no much about actual "music" stuff but im trying to learn thats why im asking questions XD
Learn the aeolian scale, the ionian scale, the minor harmonic scale, the minor and major pentatonic.
Uh... learn the minor pentatonic, and learn about the blue notes.
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Learn how to write harmonised guitar parts. I think theres a lesson on it on the site somewhere. Learning your theory generally would be helpful.
Start here


what you're wanting to do is relatively complex...it's not something you can simply learn in isolation, there's a lot of groundwork you're going to have to do first.
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