i live in mexico and i just can find a decent music store in my city. My city is kinda big but when it comes to music there is nothing, if you want to buy a guitar you have to go to overpriced department stores which sell only low-end yamahas and washburns or to some electronics shop. The biggest music store here is smaller than my living room (not joking) and has around 10 guitars on sale from which you can only find squiers, chinese cheap lespaul copies, and some low end ibanez , and thats it, no fender, no gibson, nothing. And its same if you want to buy pedals or an amp, there were only 3 pedals in stock...

im really angry ..
that sucks bro, that really does. u shud order online then hahah. how far away is the closest good music store?

"et quand le jour arrive la tourner el ciel et la tourner la mer et la mer eh ven embrasse moi et la deneh ve moi logis"
yup, online is the way to go here..i don't really know where can i find a good one, there should be tons of them in bigger cities around here