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To you, what is the hardest part of playing fast? personally, I have the most difficult time just getting my wrist to go quick enough, but i am curious as to what others have the most trouble with.
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It's easy for me to flick my wrist, or even use my whole arm to pick fast, but my left hand(fretting hand) get's really sluggish when I got past a certain pbm.
So coordination is my down fall when it comes to speed.
I usually have trouble getting my fingers where they need to go in time. I know it's a pretty vital part of playing fast, haha. I get them where they need to go, but I pick much faster sometimes because I try to think about it.
yeah, synchronization...i've been told by most people i've played with that I have the fastest right hand of anyone they've ever met, but my left hand is somewhat lagging behind it, thus, I am not the fastest guitarist alive...
My fretting hand always wants to go faster then my picking hand when I redline it. Control is really the hardest aspect for me I guess.
picking speed. sometimes (maybe after a long while of noodling/warming up while watching an episode of the office on my computer or something) i'm just in the zen and my picking hand feels invincible and really accurate, being able to hit strings with the very tip of the pick evenly at higher speeds with a very natural motion. but, that doesn't happen too often =(
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hmm, any of you speed demons have any tips on increasing picking speed? I think its the only problem im having with my guitar playing at the moment is that i cant play anything over about 16th notes at 140bpm
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^I do practice, and I do use a metronome, but are there any specific exercises/tips (other than the spider or whatever people call it)
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Coordination with my fret hand isnt a problem, just keeping up with the speed of my pick hand is hard.
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I've always been known for my rediculously fast picking hand, but I've worked for a long time to get my fretting hand up to even 3/4 the speed of my pick hand. It used to be 2 times slower, which is really a bummer if you're shredding. You can't rely on sweeping (which Im still learning) and hammer ons/pulloffs all the time.

I've always had a fast pick hand, but one tip I can give, is tense the forearm muscles, control your picking range of motion, and pick at a downward angle (in the direction of your control knobs). It also helps to pick over the highest frets, instead of directly over the pickups. That way your pick doesn't dive too deep between the strings and you get stuck.
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If I take a moderately fast lick and play it with only the left hand then its all good. Same with the right. But putting both together is what makes it hard for me, so coordination/synchronization.
i started out playing fingerstyle and now exclusively use a pick. this means that my left hand has had more time to develop good technique than my right. as a result my picking is always what lets me down. this means that i usually use legato where i can. makes it very difficult for me to play things like scarified though.

Nah, I probably say being in sync properly. If you don't, then you'll let tons of open strings ring out, which is bad.
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I say the hardest thing about playing fast when you start out is making it sound good and not like you're hitting a bunch of random notes.

I don't know how many kids I hear in guitar stores that just hit random notes and think that they're king shit.
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