Recently decided to work on some drop tuned stuff. So rather than going for the obvious drop d or a bit of trace bundy DADGAD i decided to try my hand (and my guitar and strings lol) at some two step down stuff. But there arent many bands who use this tuning........so far iv found DETHKLOK, ARCH ENEMY and some SATCH stuff. But i really wanna branch out with this rather than tune back up. Any ideas of other bands who play in this tuning?

P.S. Im not playing in CGCFAD im playing in two whole full steps!
there are a few metallica songs that are in 2 steps down. Also, try children of bodom. Most of their stuff is in 2 steps down. fun songs to play and they will keep you busy for hours!

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Caliban do I think. also Trivium use a 7 string so I think it's the same tuning.


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A Perfect Circle i think?
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I like it sometimes for riffs.

Adds an extra dimension which is nice. I don't really think about it. It's more that for example I have a riff and I want a C# Powerchord. But I want it low. Then I downtune my guitar.

Just try out riffs and experiment with it.

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Kyuss, Sleep, Queens of the Stone Age, a million stoner clone bands.
Think C of B play in CGCFAD i might be wrong. If so which album do they play two whole steps?
And there are a few videos on youtube of Satch playing some really low growly arrpegios. Pretty good really. Ill check out Kyuss and Sleep not really big on QofTheSA.