Hey UG,
I have collected enough money to buy a new practice Amp For my guitar (high-end BC Rich w/EMG Pickups)and the problem is the brands that are available where I live are limited to:

Line 6

I am looking for something around 30watts,nothing too loud.I play Thrash and Heavy Metal and I would really like to try tube amps...

PS: I Hate modeling Amps
peavey out of that cxhoice. Why not order off the internet if thats all thats in your area?
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I'd say Marshall, but they're only really good for high powered tube amps for gigging and stuff.
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Why do you exactly hate modeling amps? There are no 30 watt tube amps that would be good for heavy metal. Something like a Peavey Vypyr would be great for your tastes. Line 6 flextone could be pretty good too and it's 75 watts so you could gig with it you ever wanted to.
You could also look into Randalls but it doesn't look like this is an option for you.
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er... dude.. those brands each make tons of amps. marshall makes pos amps like the mg and some of the best amps in the world. can you give us a budget and tell us if youre gonna do any gigging?
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