Hi, i think i screwed up my truss rod settings. Initially, i turned the truss rod clockwise, hoping to clear the fret buzz off my high B and low A strings. However, now, its worse after meddling with it, all my strings are buzzing quite heavily now.. Any help would be appreciated guys..

Turning it clockwise will straighten the neck out more, causing less curve in the neck at frets - 6-8. It might be that you have to adjust the bridge action to compensate for the adjustments you've now made on the truss rod.

How does the neck look when sighted down the headstock looking down towards the body? Straight? Slight curve? Also what guitar is it?
Its a gibson firebird V, a beauty which i dun wanna destroy... Hmm, its hard to tell for me in that way, any other specific way to tell how the headstock is looking? Thanks alot... I think the buzz occurs because of the frets 1-5
Also, i heard from my friend that the guitar needs to be hanged jsut from the headstock after turning the truss rod. And that u can only turn 1/4 time per day.. Is that true?

Besides, should i turn the truss rod anti-clockwise now?
Personally I'd take it to someone that knows what they're doing if you don't.
Skeet UK is awesome, he can get WD Music parts discounted.