I started a band with one of my friends (a drummer) a few months ago. We then got a few more people in there.
We're supposed to be working on a song for the Christmas concert, but it really isn't coming together and now the drummer and I are thinking of quitting the band.
The reasons are as follows:
1. We're working on a song that we know that we won't get prepared for in time, but the others are adamant about doing it. If we go through with it, we'll be horrible on stage. We just don't have the time anymore. We all know our parts but it isn't coming together at all and it sounds really bad and with the lack of time, we doubt we'll get anywhere.
2. The drummer and I have no creative control over anything at all. We suggested that we work on another song that isn't really popular with the students at school. The drummer, the bass player, and I got the whole song together in less than twenty minutes on Thursday, so that's more than we'd accomplished with the other song in five or six one hour practices, but the other members tell us that we don't have time to do it. They then tell us that they have nothing against the song but when we ask them why we can't do it (we played the song through completely during practice when we weren't getting their choice of song right, which shows that we can actually play it) they tell us that it's a bad song.
3. The singer and other guitar player have a completely different opinion of why we should do this. The drummer and I decided to do it because we love jamming and we thought that this could be enjoyable, but the singer and guitar player seem to only want to do it because they want to look good in front of the school. I was talking to the singer yesterday and he told me "I'd rather do a popular song badly than do the other song well." This might seem self-centered, but I can't work with people who have that perception of music.
4. The singer and the rhythm guitarist are constantly insulting the drummer and me. Whenever the drummer went out of the room yesterday, they would start complaining about him and then they started calling me a "Negative fag" because I said that we should have a backup plan or change the song altogether because it really isn't working.

I can't work on music with people I disagree with on so many levels and the insults just top it all off. I don't feel any connection between the band members at all. It seems stale and horrible to listen to. Our ideas about music are completely different, our tastes are completely different (which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it really isn't working in our case), and the constant criticism is getting to my nerves.

If the drummer and I quit, then we're all screwed. They won't have a drummer and we won't have a singer or bass player. The Christmas concert's pretty soon so we can't get anything together in time, but all the crap that's been going on is really making me want to quit.
Oh, and when the singer joined in the first place, he changed the song that we were practicing because he didn't like it. I confronted him about it yesterday and asked him why I should play a song that I really don't like when we could do something that he has claimed isn't a bad song and can get ready in time. His response was that he can change the song because "it's hard to sing and like a song that you don't like." And I asked him why I have to be put through it then, and he responded with, "Well, you're playing guitar, so nobody will be able to tell if you like it or not."

tl;dr: Me and the drummer vs. our other band members. We can't get the song together in time and we'll be horrible if we play it live. The other members have completely different opinions of music. There is no connection or anything in the band. There's constant insulting and criticism going on in the band and the singer is acting like a self-centered idiot. I can't work with these people at all so I'm thinking of quitting, but they'll hate me for it because we'll all be screwed.
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