I've been trying to sort this out for ages as it's really kinda annoying:

In my amps FX loop i have this signal chain:

Send --> EHX Small Clone --> Danelectro DE-1 Delay ---> Return.

My amp has an FX level control too. The problem is, if i have this control all the way up to get the full effect of the chorus which has no dry/wet blend control (the mix is pre-set), when the chorus is switched on i get normal volume, but when it's switched off there is a huge volume drop. The Dano delay switching doesn't affect the dry volume in any way. The only way i can get to use the small clone without an epic volume drop in bypass mode is with a very low setting on the amp's FX level control, at which point you can hardly hear the chorus effect. I use mainly amp overdrive, too (my dirtboxes are just there to boost it) so chorus and delay sound crappy in front of the amp.

Is there any way i could fix the problem without having to change my setup much and without affecting the tone in any way (except making the chorus effect more clear?). For example, could a clean boost like the EHX LPB-1 fix the problem?

The amp is a Laney VC30 (older model) btw.
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