What can you tell me about the Leyanda line of Hohner acoustics, specifically the MW-400N. Were these manufactured in Spain. And where the heck can I find the serial number. This is drving me crazy...please help!
Mate im looking at a Hohner MW 400N just now and it says "made in Korea", cant help with serial numbers though.
I was given this guitar second hand and ive restringed it but still not sure about it. Anyone know if its any good???
Hey LazyBam....it all depends on your ears. I have a Martin D1 and honestly, I prefer the sound of the much cheaper Hohner. Is yours for sale?
i have one,
its definatly made in Korea.
I'm not looking to sell i just wanna know the rough price range.
anubody know??
I know this thread is 2 years old. But I've just been looking at my Acoustic Leyanda, which was my mum's. She bought it in the 70's
There is nothing that says anything regarding the location of manufacturer, however the label is in spanish.
It is a CG-314
Twisded_Medal lmao me too, just found one for 90 bucks. Crack in side, did not go through :-) I'm guessing this guitar should retail around 4 to 5 hundred US. I am in route to repairing it now. If I put a 100 including the new string elixirs, hey easy. This is a guitar you can take out and play and enjoy anywhere, and not feel like your've got hurting one of your real sweet babies. With TLC these things get broken in and turn into babies themselves. I buy them sctractched up treasures people have abused. The sound remains the same, then get better. This is Indian rose wood I'm sure. now where is that ser. # ....................slmfao PS this is my 3 korean, rest are US. One Alvarez Tree of life, Mint 1979 NFS. I also recently had them repair a Takamini that was crack strait down the center. Super dehydrated!!!! They just kept in the room for a month and sent it back. ;_( 200 bucks it's a beater with a maple neck.
The neck is the most important part of a guitar. Vintage is vintage, on a acoustic, it is all starts with a good neck. There is a chance this will set up slick as shit, It is a bit small, nice for quick chord changes.
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I've had an LW -1200N 12 string for years now, and it's got a lovely tone! Very nicely finished guitar as well, all things considered. Don't play it as much as I should but it's a lovely guitar considering it cost me 85 quid on ebay around 11 years ago!
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