The intro riff is very generic, the second one isn't that much better, but the recording quality could be getting in the way of this. Its quite hard to hear the full chord since the sound quality is clipping.

Singing is hard to tell. He sounds out of key often, but the tone could be good.. I really can't tell anything from this recording.

I'd suggest do it again and have the camera at least another 10-15 feet away from you guys so the sound doesn't get ruined.

c4c if you want https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1006264
Hmm I think the recording is fair enough to get the whole song idea... But thanks for your time Now I will check your stuff out!
Textures - greatest band ever
I wasn't trying to be rude if I was...

But even with the same camera, if you recorded from about 10-20 feet further away the sound quality would dramatically improve
Oh I know mate! I dont think you are rude dont worry hehe.. And about the camera.. I would move it if I could.. but we have like the smallest room you know... But when you are psyched on something new, you just gotta record it somehow, you know?, so I think it's allright just to have it to tune in on once in a while
Textures - greatest band ever