So, in the coming months, we are knocking the wall down between the study and dining room and turning it into a kitchen-dining room. Then we are taking everything (worktops, ovens, fridges, etc) out of the kitchen and turning it into a music room .

I just need to know, how can we sound-proof it?

There is a door leading in, a door on the side, and three windows, if that makes any difference. We will be having pianos, a drum kit, and guitars in there, so would like it to be sound-proof.

Money isn't really a problem, just as long as it's not stupidly expensive. If you need any more info, just ask.

What can I use to sound-proof my new music room?
It will be extremely expensive.
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Search bar, there was this exact thread a few weeks ago

matresses and duvets up against the walls or sum shiz

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Search bar, there was this exact thread a few weeks ago

matresses and duvets up against the walls or sum shiz

A permanent solution was what I was looking for, so this probably wouldn't work.
your basically gonna have to brick in the windows and build a room inside your room, so thats going to be very expensive.
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Egg cartons.
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The only way to truly sound-proof a space is to build another smaller room inside the existing room, then fill the gap between the inner and outer walls with sound-proofing foam or insulation.
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Sound escapes in many ways. Seal all cracks, have solid doors/windows, cheapest is egg cartons (the square ones) everywhere, hang thick curtains or rugs about 4 inches in front of the egg cartons. This should do it, listen from outside for any weak areas and add as needed.