its the differences, advantages and disadvantages between the wizard II and wizard III necks.

mostly thinking of metal and shred.
They're extremely thin, which is supposed to make you play faster.

In my opinion, they are a bit too thin. I can still play on it (I tried one at GC), but I think a strat or jackson size neck is more comfortable. But that's just me. Try one out for yourself.
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ive played the one that comes with the szr and it was a charm
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It takes lots of time to get used to anything.
I found that the Wizard II is good for me, took a while though. Same thing with jumbo/medium frets. It's all preference, but it takes a while to figure out your tastes.
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One note of advice as an owner of an Ibanez with an Ultra neck on it (very thin, too).

The thinner the neck, the more susceptible it is to temperature changes and they WILL move on you quite a bit. This means regular neck tune-ups, and if someone isn't nearby and you don't know what to do, this can be frustrating.

I don't gig with my Ibanez in the winter. The shifting from warm house/cold outdoors/warm venue, etc. wreaks havoc on it. Just something to keep in mind.
The Wizard II neck is imo in between a Wizard I neck and a Dinky neck, but neither of those are that different from the WII tbh...

And there's no such thing as a Wizard III.
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Wizard I is meant to be real thin, never played one though.
And I love my wizard II on the S470 I have, unfortunately the 9 guage strings keep snapping from my bends, which is a bitch, cos it's so easy to play on!