Argh, I have a problem. I've been playing bass for a good 6 months and love it, I've basically stopped playing all by my acoustic guitar due to my love of bass.

Only problem is, I have really small and skinny fingers. Which in turn makes it harder to stretch, anything I can do? Like exercises?
A good technique will mean you should no problem with "small fingers". Go and see a teacher and they will correct your technique. Make it more efficient, able to get 4 fret stretches etc.

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Oh dear another "small fingers" thread.... fingers size has nothinmg to do with it, its all in building up the muscles in your fingers.
I'm 5"3' with tiny fingers and i play bass in a band, its frustrating at 1st but believe me you'll get better with practice, look at flea, as much as i hate that band he is amaazing and has tiny wee fingers.
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Just practice portrait of tracy and you'll eventually get that last stretch.
And that one that Jaco does when he holds down the second fret and plays the harmonic on the sixth, man, I was so proud of myself when I got it down.
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small fingers=small dick?


Back to thread. I manage most bass lines but PoT is still a huge struggle. I wouldn't recommend that song per se. Practice, time and spider scales and scale practice are going to be your best friends.