Hey everyone, been looking around for a good mini amp to take to friends places.

All the guitars I own have high output pickups in em (blackouts, emg 81/85 and invaders) and was wondering if the Orange Micro Crush 3 mini amp could handle these decently? Oh and fear not, I know how to use the volume knob(s) on my guitar to alter its tone given the lack of onboard eq on the mini Orange.

I mostly play pretty heavy stuff (a7x, trivium, bfmv, metallica, megadeth...), but also dabble in classic rock (acdc, aerosmith, lynyrd, zeppelin, van halen, rhoards-era ozzy), blues, clean-sounding ballads and a touch of funk. Ultimately I tend towards the high-gain stuff, but i've got a Vox VT30 (new 08 model) for home practice etc and just need something that sounds cool and not too sterile as a portable mini amp (i'm not a busker - weight/dimensions don't factor in heavily).

If anyone has any suggestions or thoughts on mini amps, especially the Orange ones, it'd be good to hear =)
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