so i dont know wich is better for metal,metalcore, and have MORE gain bugera 6262 or the 333XL?

i have a ISP noise reduction,so the noise gate on the 333XL is usless for me..
so wich amp rocks?!

tnx and cheers from israel.
bugera 6262!
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because theres a mile between the two s's!

more tubes means more gain?
and how is the EQ in the 6262 for Scoop sound/ and mid cut-off?
Actually...they ALL have INSANE amounts of gain.

I've owned both the 6262 and the XL. The XL sheesh...on lead channel with gain set at 3...It gets FULL saturation.

The 5th tube on the 6262 is actually to smooth out the crunch channel. Built very similar to the 5150II.
more tubes =/= more gain
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Ive heard many people say the 333XL has more gain
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bugera 6262!

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

The 6262, the xxl is really buggy if you get the 1st gen ones.

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the 333xl has more gain than even my peavey 6505. But i prefer my peavey. It sounds better. But the xl has an insane amount of gain. I only put it on 3. Where as I put my 6505 on 7. And I like it saturated.
Mate every single Bugera amp has bonecrushing gain!
I play deathcore and I only needed the gain on 5.5 on the 6260 with stock tubes and no OD to achieve the tones that I was after.
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they both have waaaay to much gain for anyone. The 62 series is a bit fizzier, but still tight and Br0oTAlZZz
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what better in cleans the 6262 or the 333? - (i like the overdriven sounds of the 333, worry about the cleans, but if its sound bright and nice i'll buy one..)