ive been reading up on both of these and to me they both do the same thing, they let you play your amp at full power whilst keeping the volume low, meaning that you can have a great sound from your amp at bedroom levels.

but how do they both connect to yout amp?

would it look something like this.....guitar.....amp head....'volume box' or 'attenuator'.....speaker?

thanks for reading
A volume box is completely different to an attenuator. A volume box goes in the effects loop and acts as a master volume control, you can crank the preamp volume whilst keeping the volume on the volume box low, but the poweramp valves won't get driven to get the poweramp drive tone you normally get an attenuator for. An attenuator goes in between the power amp and the speaker, that way you can crank the master volume and get poweramp distortion at a low volume.

Volume box= effects loop.
Attenuator= Amp out-attenuator-speaker in.
ah right, thanks for that.

glad i didnt go out and buy a 'volume box' because my amp doesnt have n effects loop.
so are there any that are stocked in the uk? ..... ive been looking for the past couple of days on the internet and i cant seem to find anywhere that stock attenuators in the UK.

even ebay dont seem to have any
ok, if i went with the weber minimass would the lineout on the back ast as a headphone out aswell or just an output for a speaker?

also, what cables would i need to connect the attenuator to my head and cab, 2 'head to cab' leads or 2 'standard guitar leads' ?
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