Heya, this is my metal band, All Die Trying


We've just been in the recording studio this week and come out with 2 new songs.

The songs we decided to record our some of our oldest, and they aren't as heavy as our usual stuff.

I'd really appreciate it if the UG community would give it a listen and give some constructive criticism on what you liked and what you didn't.

I play guitar in the band, and recorded bass in this recording too as our bassist couldn't make it.

Thanks in advance
uhh you spelled heavy wrong on your page...
but so far i like the first song
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Glad you like it
i have to admit, for an unsigned band like you guys, your pretty good.but, i kinda like the alternative rock, and nu-metal, and thrash metal- (metallica).But, for a genre that i don't like very much you guys do bring it on.But, what the hell do i know, im just a 14 year old guy, whos only been playing guitar for a year who has a yamaha guitar.