I play a lot of Hardcore/Grungy style metal music....think Norma Jean, TDWP,Oh sleeper, etc.

I play through a peavey valveking and it does fine when its cranked....but I get alot of buzz and feedback

I was just wondering that if I bought a compression pedal would it eliminate the buzzing and most of the feedback, or would it be more trouble (cash) than it's worth?
Nah not a compression, you would want a noise gate, try the boss one.
Also, what guitar do you use?
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I use an epi les paul standard.

and thanks for telling me that I woulda probably went and bought a compressor

thanks guys
hey... you could buy a noise suppressor, and it might get rid of the buzz, but i have to say, i play a les paul thru a valveking and get almost no noise. do you use a lot of pedals?

its possible your prob could be down to something like ground loop hum if u use lots of pedals, or it could be something as simple as a bad earth.

seriously, think about that. whats the point of suppressing noise you could actually eliminate???

i may be wrong, but for me, the noise gate/suppressor would be the last port of call before checking earth and gound loop.


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Yeah, check all your cables first. Try a different guitar with a similar setup to yours (i.e. humbuckers.) and also try plugging your VK in a different spot.
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