So I recently got this guitar.
It is an epiphone.
The serial is I03012840.
I know it is a '62 LP custom reissue.
I just want to know what it is worth, if it is a solid guitar to hold on to, yada yada, tell me all you can.
I want to know if I got a solid deal.
I traded a beat up Gibson Les Paul Studio (ebony and gold) for 500 dollars and this guitar.

This guitar really sings.
Thanks a lot for the help guys.
My Guitar!.jpg
Looks more like an SG than a LP to me...

And if it sounds good and you like playing it then you should keep it.
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Looks more like an SG than a LP to me...

It was called a Les Paul from 61-63. Then they changed it cause Les Paul didn't like it.
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okay, this could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that that guitar is worth $1500-$2000

so its a pretty good deal
It definitely wasn't in good shape.
This guitar's sound is definitely comparable.
Tom Horne "the guitar guy" on a lot of facebook groups is in the same band as one of my friends. He has the gibson of my guitar, so I just used one of his pictures since the bodies look exactly alike. My laziness strikes again.
Well, I guess the important thing is that I love the look and sound of my new guitar... right?
That's it...bottom line. If your hands and ears are happy, that's all that matters. Everyone has "their" guitar whether it's an actual Gibson or an Epiphone or whatever.
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And I believe it was an '02

Then it's a Korean Epi. The ones they made back then were pretty good, so that's a quality guitar you've got there. If it plays well and sounds good it's a keeper. I don't know what it's worth, I think they went for 600€ new back then.
It's the Epi G400 custom as someone else said,a G400 with three pickups pretty much.

Similar colour scheme/pickup layout as one of Paul Gilbert's lawsuit Ibanez guitars
if you like it. keep it. It looks cool, that's for sure.
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It was called a Les Paul from 61-63. Then they changed it cause Les Paul didn't like it.

so? the guitar the TS posted it an SG. it has the "les paul" plate thingy because its an epiphone.
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The Gibson also has the "Les Paul Custom" plate. The picture is of a Gibson, mine looks exactly like it, mine is just an epiphone.
It's an Epiphone reissue of the Les Paul SG guitar released after the debut of the Les Paul. Les Paul (the guitarist) didn't like the newer body style (with 3 pickups, though that wasn't the main complaint) and refused to put his name on it. Gibson changed the name to the SG (Solid Guitar). Epiphone reissued the guitar as such .
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Ccording to the Guitar Dater project website.....

Guitar Info
Your guitar was made at the
Saein Plant, Korea/China
January 2003
Production Number: 2840

Saein Musical Instrument Co. Ltd
The Saein Musical Instrument Co. Ltd. is located in the Namdong Industrial Complex in Incheon, Korea. Saein was established in July 1st 1991 and has a monthly capacity of 4,500pcs. In Oct 1st 1992, Saien Began manufacturing guitars for Epiphone, who they now consider to be their main business. They also started producing their own line of guitars called Shine in 1997. In February, 2001, a new factory was opened in Gaomi City, China. This factory boasts a monthly capacity of 10,000pcs. Saein was presented the ‘The Best Quality Award of the Year’ by Gibson Epiphone USA in 1998 and 1999.

Show Serial Number Breakdown

Factory Identifier
Production Number

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Average User Rating
Fit & Finish: 7.88
Electronics: 6.96
Playability: 7.95
Overall: 7.77
Based on 434 ratings
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