ok, so its kinda a ska song, its a bit heavy to be ska, but it is STILL SKA. a little bit of punk id say. So there is one clean guitar and a guitar with some overdrive, i reached to a point where i dont know how to do a chorus, without going to heavy, but heavier than the rest of the song, any idea is appreciated.
Uh....what key are you in? What have the chords leading up to the chorus been thus far?
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Well, if you haven't got any horns, use those. You could just come up with a catchy but simple guitar rhythm and have horns come in with a big chord hit on the first upbeat of each bar. A simple melody line, and you have instantly spiced up the chorus.

This is of course all I can really recommend without knowing anything about the key you're playing in, the meter, or actual sound of the song.
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