i have a 1974 fender strat contour body with a steal reinforced neck i was wondering the value and i know if it was made in america it would be worth more is there like a serial number list of were all the guitars were made?
you can check the seriel number at fender.com
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CBS Strats aren't usually the best priced Strats. Usually, they're worth a few pounds, so you may aswell just send it off to me.


I'm kidding!

But they aren't as well priced as 1954-1964 Strats, mainly because they were more mass produced and things of the sort. Maybe expect £4000-£5000, depening on the quality.

And just to say, it would have been made in Fullerton, because I think all Fenders up until 1985 were made there.
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You won't get much to be fair, 70s strats aren't looked for much, you could easily get over a grand, but don't expect it to sell for muc more than £3000.
2008 Vintage Price guide range is $3400-4900 depending on shape. But then again prices have been much softer since summer and before the stock market crash.
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ty im not looking to sell at all its going to be in the family my dad bought it i will have it then my son will have it maybe a good college fund...in 20 some years