I'm looking for a new amp for Christmas this year.
I'm want an amp, preferably a tube amp, with a nice Coheed and Cambria like distorted sound, since that's what my band mostly plays. I'd also like a nice clean channel, which is why I have been considering a Crate Vintage Club 50, but it's not really necessary. My budget is roughly $600, I may be able to go as high as $750. I don't have any brand preferences. I'm currently playing out of a crappy Crate amp that can't do anything but metal, and I need a change.
I don't know what else you need to know. Please ask if you need more info.
The crate VC doesn't really have that much gain, I don't think it would be a good amp for you. The mesa F and DC series amps can get very heavy and have a very nice clean channel. The are within your budget, but since they are discontinued you have to look used.
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