I am looking to get my first Wah pedal after Christmas.

My budget is around £100 and I play mostly metal but also a bit blues and Jazz. So I am looking for a decent all rounder but it will mainly be used for metal.

What do you recommend?
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Crybaby 535Q

I made a thread about this a while ago, and got recommended that too
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The one and only vox wah, unique sound, costs less than most crybabies in its quality range.
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weeping demon.

can do high-gain wah tones but has a sweet clean wah too. very adjustable and a great price.
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Seems like the Crybaby 535Q is the most popular. But I will look into the rest of them as well.

Cheers for the suggestions.
Guitar: Jackson JS30KV
PSN id : craig_241
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I got the original Crybaby, but I think a Vox has a better tone with it. Crybaby sounds too sharp for my taste while the Vox is smoother, but I'm sure whatever you get can be modded for your needs.
Ibanez Weeping Demon, especially for that metal.
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I would recommend the 535q. It is incredibly adjustable to your tastes and will be more versatile sounding than the weeping demon. I would get one if it weren't for the fact that I despise crybabies. I'm a morley fella , just personal preference.
For your budget, yeah. But the Fulltone Clyde wah is the best
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weeping demon.


It has a better Q Knob than the 535Q (which only has six settings, while this is a 1-10 knob, like on an amp), has an LQ (low frequency Q knob), has overall level effect knob, and it can be used as a bass wah. Plus, the 535Q rapes tone. And it costs $60 more than the WD7.
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morle power wah . end of thread
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